Pigiama V in leggerissimo 100% lyocell

SKU: JAL246-61-42


Man's long pajamas, in very fine double jersey 80/2 lyocell in plain colour. V-neck jersey without cuffs. Exceptional breathability. Enviable comfort given by the glide, softness and elasticity of one of the most eco-friendly fibres.

  • Plain-coloured V-neck jersey
  • Matching trousers
  • without cuffs
  • Eco Interlock
  • Exceptional breathability
  • Enviable softness and elasticity of the fibre

Natural material, obtained from the pulp of wood, has an exceptional breathability, an enviable comfort given by the slipperiness, the softness and elasticity of the fiber that in this garment are enhanced by the fineness of a lightweight double jersey. Lyocell is also one of the most sustainable textile fibers: it has a very short production cycle that consumes very little water and energy, as well as the plantations from which it derives (eucalyptus) that regenerate very quickly

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