Choose the men's underwear you want, here in our online shop. The complete collection of briefs, tank tops, boxers, t-shirts, trunks and socks, to dress you from head to toe, with practicality and a lot of comfort.

With men's underwear you can have fun creating many different combinations and adapting them to every situation.

There is a wide selection of fine and natural fabrics, stretch cotton, jersey and comfortable lisle able to bring you well-being when you wear them.

We always try to offer you men's underwear that meets the best fit requirements.

There are many models of t-shirts that you can choose to customize your look, crew-necked are the most suitable to wear under the shirts when you get dressed in the morning, the size must be right to avoid unnecessary clutter from creating folds under the outfit you have decided to wear. For a more casual look you can also wear it alone over an aged faded jeans, it will look great.

The polo shirt with the unbuttoned collar requires instead the V-neck t-shirt, discreet and invisible will respect its functionality. Accompany it with a slim fit slip in cotton jersey, the right match to be comfortable and flawless even under your clothes.

When jogging under your sweatpants choose to wear a practical stretch cotton trunks with unmatched reliability. The particular elastic with low percentage of elastane, will respect the skin, even the most sensitive.

The boxers of this collection are efficient and welcoming, the proposals range from the rigorously white wraparound model, suitable for all seasons, to the wider and softer one, with opening on the front. Innovative, the latest addition to the Julipet house, it looks like a classic wide boxer but inside, in the front part, a very fine slip has been created for inimitable support and freshness. In white and in the new light blue, blue and striped colors. A must try!

Finally, in men's underwear, socks could not be missing. Solid or colored add that cool touch to your outfit. The knee sock is the one to focus on to be flawless, while the short sock with reinforcement on the toe and heel is more comfortable for the hot season. Use it in your daily workouts it will leave a sense of freshness on your feet. The summer moccasin is fine without a sock, but for maximum hygiene always use an invisible ghost, it will protect your foot better.

Seen, how many proposals for men's underwear. for you? Now indulge yourself in finding the right items, choose between the classic proposals and the more daring ones and order from the comfort of your home.