Doppia Maglia


Star quality in Julipet's 100% cotton fabric that not only feels extremely comfortable on the skin, but is also extremely cosy. Whether for underwear or boxer shorts, the garments that use it are the ideal solution for those seeking comfort and the best fit. There are garments that more than others manage to carve out a prominent role in the men's underwear wardrobe because they are made from a fabric that combines performance and aesthetics. This is true not only for products intended for outwear, but also for solutions specifically designed for underwear. Julipet's "Doppia Maglia" is among these because, thanks to its intrinsic characteristics, it manages to combine ease and comfort with the best wearability, avoiding unpleasant constrictions.

Made of Interlock 60/1, the "Doppia Maglia" thus becomes the ideal performer for crew-neck or V-neck half-sleeved T-shirts and broad-shouldered tank tops which, in the basic colours white, blue and black, can also be worn exposed, thus completing casual outfits to be shown off during free time. But that's not all. The quality of the yarn used - 100% cotton - makes this fabric timeless and seasonal. The t-shirts reserved for "underwear" can thus also be used to accompany an autumn jacket or a zipped winter sweater. The transversality of their use goes hand in hand with the pleasantness of the sensations they give in contact with the skin.

The "Doppia Maglia" is in fact a real cuddle for the body, thanks to its other not inconsiderable qualities such as its compact and soft hand, and its brightness and shine, which give it further preciousness. These characteristics of excellence mean that it is also used to make briefs and boxer shorts, thus creating a total underwear look in the sign of comfort and performance. What makes these garments true must-haves, which know no generation gap, being chosen indiscriminately by the under-30s and over-40s, are also other particularities, closely linked to shaping. Boxer shorts in "Doppia Maglia", for example, rely on regular seams, a covered elastic band to avoid discomfort and a functional front opening.

It is precisely because of all these properties that "Doppia Maglia", season after season, has earned the gold medal among the fabrics preferred by contemporary men in search of solutions that do not compromise on quality and practicality.