The company, with its Alpina, Boglietti and Julipet brands, celebrates the important milestone with an exhibition of works specially created by artist Giulio Zanet using regenerated fabric from pjs. Visible from 24 June at the "A. Olmo" Civico Museum in Savigliano, some of the artworks will also be the subject of a charity auction with proceeds going to the non-profit Onlus Oasi Giovani 




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Trucco Tessile, a company founded in 1952 by brothers Giorgio and Piero Trucco, who were already involved in the family textile and clothing business, celebrates its first 70 years in 2023, focusing on the valuable elements that have marked its growth and development over the years. In addition to the growing demand on the pajamas market since the 1970s and the fortunate intuition of Giorgio Trucco, one of the first in Italy to develop the innovative concept of knitted pajamas, the acquisition of one of the most important Italian companies in the sector - M.M.T. of Turin - active in the production of a wide range of Alpina-branded underwear products, contributed to reaching this significant milestone.

In the years that followed, the company, based in Savigliano, took a series of further steps that sealed its rise: the acquisition of the Ghiro brand, the development of an export and international distribution strategy that began in the 1990s, participation in the most specialised trade fairs in the sector, and the inclusion in its portfolio in 2014 of Boglietti Spa with the Boglietti, Kristal and Stefania Canavesi brands and, in 2019, of Julipet. "We think about the future while always looking to the past, aware that our history is our strength and investments in innovation and research are what will carry us into tomorrow. "Tradition and quality", today as yesterday, is our slogan, marked by the creation of garments with the best quality-price ratio, the use of valuable raw materials, the extreme care in processing as in the final presentation of the product," explains Agostino Trucco, Commercial Manager of Trucco Tessile.


On the occasion of its 70th birthday, Trucco Tessile organised the "Paintwear" exhibition (Civico Museum "A. Olmo" in Savigliano, from 24 June to 9 July, open to the public: 25/06 30/06 01/07 02/07 07/07 08/07 09/07) consisting of 15 works created by artist Giulio Zanet, who used the fabric of pajamas produced by the company as an expressive material. 

"If the use of fabric is the thread that binds each project," explains Zanet, "the search for balance is the inspiration that animates the various works. All my work tends in this direction: starting out without ever knowing exactly what is going to happen and going into creative chaos, in the hope of finding some sort of solution, is what moves me. In reality, however, the solution that is found never solves anything, but confronts new questions that force one to take other paths from which new works are generated".


A virtuous circle that has also seen those who choose the Trucco Tessile brands at the forefront. "From the beginning of the summer and until the end of last year, we asked our customers to return their used pajamas to us, either directly in our Alpina-branded shops or in the form of returns, at the company, in the case of Boglietti and Julipet. To entice them, we gave them a discount for future purchases," Trucco points out. Of the many unique works created by Zanet, five will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to the non-profit Onlus Oasi Giovani of Savigliano. 

The initiative, the result of an idea of a group of students from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Turin, allows the culture of quality that defines the products of Trucco Tessile's brands to be disseminated in an unconventional but value-based way. "Organising an exhibition was not only exciting for us, but also allowed us to affirm our presence in the territory, putting the lens on some of its most representative places. We hope that this exhibition will be an attraction for citizens, but also for tourists or textile enthusiasts. The decision to instead allocate the proceeds of the auction to Oasi Giovani we believe is our clear social responsibility," Trucco concludes.