Underwear: the underwear according to Julipet

What does a man look for in underwear? If the feminine universe points confidently towards lace and shaping that enhances the silhouette, the male universe, faithful to the principles of performance and practicality, puts the lens on comfort, wearability, containment capacity and a light touch on the skin. Garments that do not constrain but embrace, do not tighten but wrap, support but guard with delicacy and softness: the Julipet underwear line, for the third consecutive year recognised as the best men's underwear brand at the Best Boutique Awards, was born from these premises, taking into account the needs of the contemporary man in search of solutions that accompany him throughout the day, offering comfort and convenience. Aesthetics and design are also never neglected, transforming briefs and boxer shorts into everyday companions to be shown off even at the gym or in a meeting for two. Naturally elegant starting with the colours, which sobriety as a feature, and the patterns entrusted to tie designs or to refined but never excessive creativity, Julipet's underwear makes high-value fabrics its flagship and the essence of its innate vocation for comfort.


Whether Luxury Jersey - 100% mercerised cotton, ideal for those looking for garments that caress the skin - of stretch Micromodal, of Stretch cotton (96% cotton, 4% elastane), in which cotton marries elastane for the best fit, of Shirt Like (resistant poplin 100% cotton, but also of Light Cotton (88% cotton and 12% elastane), evocative of its lightness right from its name, thanks to its extra-fine fibres, of 100% cotton Filo di Scozia, gassed and mercerised all in double twisted yarn, of Day cotton - slightly stretch cotton ideal for no-frills but still comfortable garments - or its thinner version Ice Cotton, every man will find the perfect interpreter for his underwear. Each fabric responds to specific needs, particular uses or simple personal desires.ci desideri personali.

Cotton combined with an elastic component, for example, has the advantage of being pleasant to wear because, in addition to being well tolerated by the skin as it is breathable, it is extremely soft thanks to its twisted fibres. Resistant and fresh, on the other hand, is Poplin, thanks to its very fine and compact yarns, which make it ideal for making classic-cut boxer shorts. Mercerised cotton, on the other hand, owes its uniqueness to its long, extra-long fibres which, duly processed, allow the fabric not only to be particularly durable, withstanding a large number of washes without creasing, but also to preserve the shape of the garment perfectly, keeping the colours, naturally bright, unharmed. But that's not all. Also characteristic are its softness to the touch and silkiness that make it caressing to wear... a cuddle for the skin.


If fabrics and colours are staples, design also responds to specific studies of wearability and ergonomics. The seams are invisible, the elastics are covered so as not to create discomfort without losing consistency, the lines follow the anatomy of the body so as to envelop it like a comfortable second skin, perfectly invisible under clothes.


All this is Julipet underwear which, thanks to its accuracy even in the details, for the refinement of the particulars and the extreme care in its manufacture, has been able to conquer fathers and sons, business men and sportsmen, fashionistas and classic lovers. What they all have in common is the sensation of well-being experienced by choosing to wear Julipet.


Luca Mancini: 'Poplin to the bitter end for shirts as for boxer shorts! Those by Julipet though, in addition to the undeniable quality of the fabric, have an additional plus: shaping. Their design is so well thought-out that it looks tailor-made. Absolute pleasure for people like me who don't like constrictions and only want garments that are so comfortable that they don't feel on the skin'.

Gian Mario Gambirasio: 'I'm a bike addict and even when I go to the office I don't part from my two-wheeler. The underwear I choose must be strongly restraining, but also very soft on the skin so as to avoid chafing that would cause redness. Briefs and boxer shorts in stretch cotton by Julipet are an absolute guarantee because they combine the extreme quality of the minimally stretch cotton with super wearability".

Marco Oldrati: 'I love to feel my skin caressed, wrapped and pampered, especially if I have to wear a garment for the whole day. My underwear can only be in Luxury Jersey. I choose it without any doubt because it is the perfect answer to my needs, especially for its almost silky softness to the touch and for its brightness in colours that never fade. fade. Julipet has been dressing my underwear for over 20 years without ever betraying my expectations'.



Mercerisation and gassing are two processes to which fibres are subjected with the aim of modifying and improving their characteristics. If the former, exploiting the use of concentrated solutions of caustic soda, gives materials a shiny appearance by making their external surfaces extremely smooth, greater tensile strength, superior elasticity and maximum affinity with many colouring substances, the latter is often the premise. Through this process, the thread is passed over a flame to remove the excess fluff and give it greater lustre.