Julipet in pole position for Targa Sobrero

Alongside the 60 super cars that took part in the second edition of the sports car rally was the brand of Trucco Tessile, the event's main sponsor

For the second year running, Julipet was among the main sponsors of Targa Sobrero, the super sports car rally held from 16 to 19 June.
Alongside the Italo-Swiss team of organisers of the event (from the 'Gio&Gio team') we followed the 60 supercars including Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches on an itinerary between the 'Langhe and the sea'. After setting off from Monforte d'Alba, the drivers reached Dogliani, Mondovì, Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino to conclude the circuit in Sanremo on 19 June. A road map also designed to promote the relaunch of the territory after the last difficult years that have significantly impacted the tourism sector. The various stages into which the route was divided brought thousands of visitors to see the passage of the racing cars in the squares and most representative places of the towns involved in the circuit, generating interest and curiosity.

"The decision to take part in this event as a sponsor," explains Agostino Trucco, Commercial Manager of Trucco Tessile, the brand to which the Julipet brand belongs, "is the result of the strong bond we have with the territory and the desire to contribute concretely to giving new impetus to tourism with valuable initiatives involving it. However, Julipet's desire to enhance the relaunch of Italy's beauties also goes beyond this initiative, as confirmed by the Artist Edition collection "Un'estate italiana" for beachwear, which proposes 5 boxer shorts with prints and designs dedicated to some of Italy's most famous beaches and seaside resorts: Vieste, Marzamemi, Villasimius, Positano and Portofino.

Precisely the piazzetta of the pearl of the Tigullio was also among the destinations of the sports cars taking part in the rally, whose crews were given a men's Beachwear garment and a Julipet beach towel as gifts.

"The decision to take part in "Targa Sobrero" explains Trucco, who took part in the Trophy on board a 500 Abarth, a mix of Italian style, tradition and sportiness - is the result not only of intentions to relaunch the territory shared with the organisation and the participants themselves, but also of a common style, made up of care and attention to detail, a search for excellence, a sense of beauty and sensory involvement. Our vision of Lifewear, a perfect synthesis of comfort, well-being in contact with the skin, the cult of aesthetics and the expression of informal elegance, merging the characteristics of relaxed dressing with those of sartorial clothing, finds its natural extension in the world of fine cars. Paraphrasing the context in which we took part, we can say that the Julipet pjs are the ideal 'navigator' not only towards the moment of night's rest, but also for leisure time, domestic relaxation and moments just for oneself".