Julipet was founded in 1954 in Bologna, as a small artisan company specialising in pajamas and men's underwear. Its name comes from the fusion of the names of the two founders, Giuliani and Pettazzoni. In the seventies the advertising of Julipet, entrusted to the actor Umberto Orsini and the campaigns with the comic subject of the woman chasing a man in boxers contribute to making the brand famous, which has become synonymous with excellence and uniqueness.
In 2019 the company was acquired by TRUCCO TESSILE SPA – already owner of the Alpina and Boglietti brands – which, fully embracing the Julipet essence, enhances its strengths even more. Very high quality of yarns and fabrics, the contemporary style of sleepwear and underwear, but above all an innovative vision of what until yesterday was a purely nightwear and underwear clothing. With the new collections, the concept of "loungewear" and "in & out" is born: garments to wear not only as pajamas or underwear but aimed at a function of maximum comfort for every moment of the day, to stay at home or live your free time.
For Julipet today it would be reductive to talk about underwear: each garment is the result of a study of the materials, cuts and details worthy of a couture brand. An example of this is the diversified range of men's underwear that reaches its highest point with the proposal of the "J-boxer", passing from fine Filo di Scozia fabric, the timeless Double Jersey and the various modern and comfortable series of precious stretch cotton.
The creative wave of the brand continues to express itself in the designs and fantasies born also from the collaboration with young designers who give life to the "artist edition" capsule collections, ironic and unexpected for an underwear brand.