Pyjamas in mercerized cotton jersey

SKU: JAL184-63-46


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Men's long pajamas in 80/2 pure cotton jersey, double twisted, mercerised in plain-coloured. T-shirt with serafino neck with chest pocket, contrasting piping and details.

  • Serafino neck jersey with chest pocket
  • With cuffs
  • Contrasting profiles and details
  • Lightweight for a combination of comfort and sophistication
  • Silky and luxurious appearance

The brilliance of this jersey enhances the colors and gives the garment a silky, rich and elegant that combined with a fresh touch and a light weight, creates a perfect combination of comfort and refinement. The printed patterns proposed by Julipet are obtained through sophisticated techniques that allow a perfect definition of the design and an impalpable touch (even on dark colors).

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