Sophisticated pajamas, comfortable underwear with refined details and hosiery proposals from the brand that has made exclusivity its signature, all on sale at 20-30% off.

Precious yarns caress the skin, enveloping it in a warm embrace. Refined details define the style. Elegant designs punctuate the nightwear and underwear outfits. Welcome to the exclusive world of Julipet, featuring tastefully designed pajamas, inherently classy dressing gowns and bedroom jackets, charming loungewear proposals and underwear apparel that combines comfort and aesthetics. Unique garments, available on sale, promise to give a new character to the wardrobe of those who choose them.

The pajama that knows how to be recognized

For Julipet, pajamas are not just garments reserved for the bedroom but versatile pieces that blur the distinction between night and day, making comfort, ease, and fit a guide to well-being. A proposal that combines a cult for aesthetics with extreme material quality and a sophisticated palette of colours and patterns. Subtle stripes,checks and diamonds chase each other on tubular trousers and cardigans, crew-neck or serafino sweaters and refined dressing gowns. Skinny trousers with a bottom border and easy-chic zip-up sweaters focus on monochrome. The result is outfits capable of representing the taste of the classic man as well as the more ironic man, of the under 40s and the over 50s.

Graphics and patterns for identity garments

How to choose your pajama from those on sale? Let yourself be guided by sensitivity and taste. Whether it's tie-inspired designs or creative graphics, stripes, checks, plaids, houndstooth, diamonds, or prints from the Artist Edition featuring clocks, each pajama tells the story of the man who wears it. The choice of fabrics, emphasizing quality, also defines it, providing sensations of extreme pleasantness. 

Intimate moments at reduced costs: buy Julipet underwear at discounts of up to 30% off

The style of nightwear is not compromised by the underwear, which promotes comfort and full wearability. Briefs and boxers in cotton and elastane or 100% cotton, turtleneck, crew-neck or "V" neck sweaters in 100% Merino wool and socks in organic cotton, Lycra and Nylon provide 24-hour comfort and well-being.