What does being sustainable mean for Julipet? To focus on the use of increasingly natural materials, such as Bio-cotton (100% GOTS-certified organic cotton), to invest in manufacturing processes that make respect for the environment their main concern, to safeguard the wellbeing of its resources by guaranteeing safe and healthy working environments, but also to promote policies for the recovery and regeneration of materials in order to generate virtuous circles that have a positive impact on people and habitat. But that is not all.

But that is not all. The brand's green sensitivity can also be seen in the choice of its partners, who espouse its philosophy by sharing its founding values and improving ideals, and in the initiatives it supports by taking the lead. The Artist Edition developed for spring/summer 2023 is tangible proof of this, as it sees Julipet alongside the Asinara Park Authority and the CRAMA association, in the front line in the protection and recovery of marine animals, turtles in primis.


It was precisely the turtles of the Caretta-Caretta species that inspired the brand's most artistic collection, which chose them as designs for pajamas and swimsuits. A capsule collection that is a tribute to nature and a reminder of the need to take care of it, even with small daily gestures that have a clear impact on macro-systems..

The Artist Edition by CRAMA thus becomes an appeal to everyone's sense of responsibility towards the world and an incentive to make their own contribution to its preservation. The symbol of this concrete commitment is the Caretta-Caretta swimming free in six variants of pajamas made of 100% cotton jersey and composed of tubular trousers or shorts in ocean blue to be matched with crew-neck or serafino jerseys with long or half sleeves.
In addition to turtles, the creative development of the collection was also stimulated by the appeal of one of the most untouched and wild places on the Italian landscape - Asinara - where the power of nature and the mighty beauty of the sea reign supreme. This island, guarding the north-western tip of Sardinia, a paradise of biodiversity whose seabed and crystal-clear waters are protected by the marine protected area, thus becomes an expression of the brand's desire to help protect the ecosystem by taking up its SOS.