That it is one of the most widely read and loved novels by adults and children all over the world is confirmed not only by the number of its translations, produced in more than 300 languages and dialects, but also by the initiatives in which it has been featured, such as an animated film vision directed by Mark Osborne.
The poetry of "The Little Prince", since its first publication on 6 April 1943, has captivated entire generations who, in the journey of the little hero "with a strong longing for home" have identified with it, drawing from it precious reflections on the value of life. The tale by the French writer, aviator and soldier Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is in fact not a simple children's story, but an ageless coming-of-age novel and a fable of sentimental education capable of transcending time and cultural boundaries.
Illustrated by the author himself with watercolours in a linear style and soft colours, auctioned in Paris in 2017 for approximately five hundred thousand euros, the text, printed in over 200 million copies and also used as a teaching tool in schools, over the years has inspired artists and
creatives from every country. What makes it a guiding light are phrases that, by their prominence, open up new interpretations of reality especially to adults, inviting them to an understanding that goes beyond appearances.
Because, as the Little Prince says, 'adults never understand anything by themselves and it is a bore that children are always having to explain things to them'. A simple truth the result of a bitter realisation - "All great people have been small, but few of them remember' - and a suggestion: 'Here is my secret. It's very simple: you can only see with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eyes'.
Starting from these maxims and being guided by the childishness that lies within everyone, Julipet, too, immerses itself in the world of The Little Prince by dedicating the Artist Edition fall/winter 2022/23.
A capsule collection in which fathers and sons meet, recognising themselves as equals and sharing the pleasure of being together, without limits or constraints imposed by everyday clothes. To dress them are in fact 100% cotton Interlock pajamas in which the blond boy, who is amazed by the complexity and artificiality of typical 'grown-up' mechanisms and attitudes, stands out on trousers with tracksuit-style borders and on crew-neck and 3-button serafino shirts with his face, sitting on the moon or aboard a red aeroplane flying to other worlds. In name of poetry and the visionary nature of the work, Julipet thus celebrates the purity of love
parental and filial love by codifying it in a Nightwear that knows no time and invites you to dream again.