Julipet's most exclusive Underwear Line


Finest Made in Italy fabric in brilliant blue and white, which never fades, with an impalpable hand.Incredibly fresh caresses the skin with these historical comfort-fit proposals with names well known to our customers: Importy boxer shorts, Idroplano briefs with a medium height on the hip and Irpinie briefs with a lower height. Isidro tank top and the Incudine and Iperbole T-shirts, with V-neck and crew-neck respectively.

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For those who want an exclusive product of the highest quality.


The must-have for those who seek elegance without compromising on comfort. The V-collar adds a touch of sophistication to your look, perfect for special occasions or a casual chic outfit.

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A luxurious feel on the skin


Their impeccable fit and durability make them the ideal choice for men who want to feel their best on any occasion.

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Discover the perfection of comfort


Make your daily routine extraordinary with our top-of-the-range tank top.

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Make your daily routine extraordinary


Designed to fit your body perfectly, our briefs offer an impeccable fit and a feeling of comfort that will stay with you all day long.

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Mercerising and Gassing: what are they?

Mercerisation and gassing are two processes to which fibres are subjected in order to modify and improve their characteristics. If the former, exploiting the use of concentrated solutions of caustic soda, gives materials a shiny appearance by making their external surfaces extremely smooth, greater tensile strength, superior elasticity and maximum affinity with many colouring substances, the latter is often the premise. Through this process, the thread is passed over a flame to remove excess fluff and give it greater lustre.