The 100% extra-fine merino wears underwear and, by exploiting the natural qualities of wool, combines performance with comfort, a pleasant feel on the skin with aesthetic value. In the office, in leisure time, doing sport: a yarn for a thousand uses.

That wool is a yarn of excellence is told by its innate characteristics, which make it a unique solution because it has no seasonality - whether summer or winter it shields from the heat or covers from the cold - but also transversal in terms of use. However, 100 percent merino wool is at its best not only in garments for outwear or everyday wear, but also in underwear, for both men and women.



Julipet's new "eWOOLution" line was born from this awareness and, relying on the qualities of wool, offers garments that are a perfect mix of performance, comfort and aesthetics, so that they can be worn at different times of the day. At work, as an under-jacket, during sports and relaxing moments at home, the underwear proposals, which make 'eWOOLution' their distinctive feature, are able to fully interpret the needs of the modern man. A man who focuses on quality, comfort and performance when he has to "dress" his underwear wardrobe. 

In the wardrobe, the "eWOOLution crew-neck jersey" and the "eWOOLution turtleneck jersey for men" are a must. Made of high-quality, smooth 100% Merino wool extra-fine jersey, they are characterised by their long sleeves, the absence of seams at the hips, their softness and lightness on the skin, as well as their marked thermal capacity. In fact, wool is a natural thermoregulator because it retains heat when the ambient temperature is cold, but repairs in the case of excessive heat, allowing for an ideal microclimate on the skin at all times. 

However, the peculiarities that make "eWOOLution" a valuable yarn are also others and always give a nod to the properties of the natural fibre par excellence (wool), which not only keeps temperatures under control, but is also breathable and hydrophobic. In fact, its extreme insulating power and high reactivity to humidity allow it to absorb sweat and transfer it to the outside. But that's not all: naturally elastic - it adheres perfectly to the body, following its movements, not being deformable - it allows the skin to breathe, so much so that it can also be used during particularly demanding and prolonged sports performance.

Moreover, its pleasantness in contact with the body is not secondary; it is doubly linked to the diameter of its fibres. If it is 19.5 microns or less, its scales are smaller and, consequently, mechanical rubbing against the skin is reduced to a minimum. The result? Any possible sensation of itching or discomfort is eliminated.