The call of the sea is strong in the Julipet collection dedicated to beachwear which, for spring/summer 2023, tells of ocean beaches and Mediterranean shores, of remote atolls and uncontaminated seabeds where you can swim alongside dolphins and turtles. Turtles that are the fil rouge of the Artist Edition by Crama capsule collection, articulated in 3 boxer shorts in 100% Polyester that make the "turtle" mood their inspiration.

Born from the collaboration with the Asinara Park Authority and the CRAMA association, dedicated to the protection and recovery of marine animals, Caretta-Caretta in primis, the most "artistic" Julipet swimwear line in the collection thus becomes a symbol of the brand's concrete commitment to the protection and preservation of the environment.


An environment that, with its thousand facets, is also the inspiration for the other four lines into which the proposal for the warm season is structured. Space therefore is given to "La Côte mediterraneenne", "Oceanic beaches", " Mediterranean Riviera" and "Oceanic Islands" to interpret beach life according to one's own style and expectations. Whether it's days at the beach to be spent tanning, days out on the boat swimming and resting, or relaxing strolls along the shoreline, Julipet "dresses" them, combining comfort and ease with aesthetic taste and refinement, thanks to studied colour choices and sophisticated patterns. The result is transversal garments that, in terms of design and performance of the materials used, meet the needs of the under-30s as well as the over-50s, in search of pass-partout solutions to wear not only under the beach umbrella, but also during the aperitif break at the beach bar.

To pack before heading out to sea are not only comfortable boxer shorts in 100% polyester with a small pocket on the back and double side pocket, in which charm meets functionality, but also briefs and shorts in 80% polyamide and 20% elastane, ideal for those who love swimming in the open sea and are looking for solutions that guarantee perfect adherence without renouncing aesthetic appeal. Aesthetics that, in addition to the cut, is entrusted to a wide range of graphics and patterns. If yachts, anchors and full-coloured whales are, for example, the distinctive features of "La Côte mediterraneenne", horizontal and oblique stripes and stylisations from the world of tie-dye, on the other hand, punctuate the swimsuits of the "Oceanic beaches" line, where tribal masks, boomerangs and small kangaroos also make their appearance. Diving fins, watermelon slices and glasses of gazosa are the focus of the "Mediterranean Riviera", while the "Oceanic Islands" line features small huts embellished with palm trees, cocktails, tropical flowers and small fish.


To complete the "made in" Julipet Beachwear there is finally the "Basic" line that makes absolute sobriety its atout, as underlined by the colour palette that combines reassuring midnight blue with fashionable nuances such as pink and acid green.

Last but not least, round-neck t-shirts and polo shirts, provided in the primary colours (white and blue) or with a reprise of the themes of each of the 4 creative lines, and Bermuda shorts cannot be missing from the summer wardrobe.
Made of 100% linen, 55% linen and 45% cotton or wholly cotton, in shades of rope, ècru, green, mélange blue, they are presented in two comfort variants: with a comfortable elastic waistband or with a trouser fastening.


Lastly, not to be forgotten to put in your beach bag is the 100% cotton towel proposed in 3 versions: grey with multicoloured striped borders, maxi letters composing the Julipet logo or optical.