Not only a sophisticated pajama, but also stylish loungewear and, for the more refined, a soft bathrobe or a set of socks that stands out: some ideas to give as a gift on the occasion of the 19th of March.


There is the intellectual who, in his free time or at the end of the day, likes to dedicate himself to reading while sipping a good whisky, wearing a bedroom jacket or a refined dressing gown in comfortable jacquard or warm fleece. There is the sportsman who, for relaxation time, seeks Loungewear solutions that combine quality materials with attention to detail. There are those who, after an intense work session, only dream of abandoning jacket and tie and sinking into
a pajama in precious poplin, in silky 100% Filoscozia, in enveloping jacquard or in Interlock. And then there is the creative person who, loving to amaze without compromising on elegance, wears a nightgown for his night's rest.

On the occasion of the holiday that celebrates him, Julipet thinks of every dad and interprets his tastes and desires with nightwear and underwear proposals that stand out for their sobriety, refined details, value of fabrics and comfortable wearability. Transversal outfits that know no distinction between night and day and promote comfort, ease and wearability as a must.



6 pajama ideas to gift-wrap for Father's Day

Sober stripes "Bassano", checks and diamonds or sophisticated designs like those proposed by the "Affi" pajamas Plain colours like the classic "Lugano" or split designs like the "Bergamo" model Or fun but always dosed patterns like those of "Alba" from the Artist Edition collection. To every dad Julipet dedicates a line of pajamas that, often combined with underwear proposals especially in the patterns, make of the personalisation with numbers and initials their singularity.


Bathrobes ...and socks that dictate style: gift for the 19th of March


Soft terry cloth to wrap your body after a regenerating shower or a crawl session: Julipet bets on "Alcamo", the all-season bathrobe with an all over patterned print which, combined with the set of towels, is the ideal gift for the casual dad who doesn't give up keeping in shape. What, on the other hand, to give to the father who doesn't give up a quirk to tone down his more sober look? The box set with three assorted socks in stretch cotton and cashmere, watches and geometric designs will surely be appreciated!