The Maximum Performances of Pure Merino

The 100% extra-fine merino wears underwear and, by exploiting the natural qualities of wool, combines performance with comfort, skin-friendliness with aesthetic value. In the office, in leisure time, doing sport: a yarn for a thousand uses.

Explore our exclusive collection of jerseys made from luxurious extra-fine Merino wool Andria, a revolutionary creation born from Julipet's innovative research.

Discover Line

Discover Julipet's revolutionary "eWOOLution" line, a perfect combination of luxurious Merino fibre and unmatched performance.

Our ultra-lightweight garments offer exceptional thermal comfort, providing a luxurious feel during your sporting activities and in everyday life. Wear the seamless comfort of our precious jerseys, which cuddle and protect your skin with elegance.

Luxury and Comfort in a Lightweight Garment

The extraordinary Andria line offers a garment that is light and gentle on the skin, while maintaining the extraordinary thermal and moisture-absorbing capacity of pure wool, despite the use of a fine 18.5 micron yarn.The smooth 100% Merino wool extra-fine jersey is characterised by the absence of seams on the sides, its softness and lightness on the skin, as well as its marked thermal capacity. In fact, wool is a natural thermoregulator because it retains heat when the ambient temperature is cold, but repairs in the case of excessive heat, allowing for an ideal microclimate on the skin at all times.


The Privileges of Merino Wool

Perfect for Sport

Naturally Elastic