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Briefs or boxer shorts?

Briefs or boxer shorts?

Two currents of thought, two styles, two ways of understanding underwear. Are you sure he is the one choosing?

It is the eternal diatribe for men: better comfort with briefs or sensuality of fresh cotton fabric boxer shorts? What is the better fitting? Solid color or fantasies? Difficult to give an unequivocal answer. Reading the surveys that appear regularly on sites and magazines you could end up with a rule that seems timeless: briefs are good for sports and with tight-fitting clothes, boxer shorts are more suited to a first date impression, especially if the you are not in you best shape. As for colors, be careful choosing a funny design, better stay classic, especially if you do not yet know the tastes of those around you.

Science has its own theory too. According to a study published last summer on Human Reproduction, it seems that those wearing boxer shorts have a higher fertility index than those wearing briefs. The Harvard researchers have come to this result by conducting the survey among men who frequented fertility centers so we can not speak of a true cause-effect relationship. Other factors such as the type of trousers or the type of fabric can also have negative effects. Therefore it is always better to choose natural fibers of excellent quality like those used by Julipet, which is one of its distinctive values. As for the range, between briefs, boxer briefs or shorts everyone (and maybe each one...) will find his style: from the “Doppia maglia” underwear collection with outstanding softness and silk finishing to the 100/2 line with its finest pure cotton fabric or the most innovative J -boxer which takes the design of boxer shorts and the comfort of briefs. So even the undecided have their own underwear!

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