From my father I didn't inherited only the untamed hair

From my father I didn't inherited only the untamed hair

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From my father I didn't only inherited unruly hair and imperfect nose, but much more: he taught me that a man can be reco

gnized by his style, by the way he interprets what he wears, by the ability to highlight his points of strength by choosing garments that enhance him, always making him feel at ease.

He told me that it takes very little to be elegant: a well-cut shirt and tailored trousers, starting with the fabric. The whimsical twist should instead be reserved for colors and graphics, capable of demystifying even the most classic clothing.

Few rules that I have made my own and that I apply every day at work, in my free time and during nighttime. Precisely for this reason, even in the choice of pajamas I have no half measures: impeccable fit, studied design, attention to detail and excellent fabrics are essential to accompany the rest. My partner can only be Julipet, with it's underwear and it's pjs in shirt like.



Comfortable, caressing the body, fresh: for my summer nights I want long trousers with a classic cut, with opening without buttons, and a 3-pocket shirt jacket in pure cotton poplin. Maximum comfort and timeless style. Even the choice of fantasy is not casual: if evergreen must be.. what better than a striped?

Classicism is part of my family's DNA, but creativity, inspiration and imagination are my only gifts. This is why in my wardrobe for the night you can find timeless garments and more particular proposals such as the pjs with large check shirt in different shades of blue and comfort trousers. I like it for the contemporary twist of the designs combined with the quality of the fabrics: yarn-dyed cotton poplin for the shirt and lisle cotton jersey for the pants. "Pajamas with a capital P" would have said my father, who surely would have stolen it from me ...


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