Julipet SS21: Speaks the Designer

Julipet SS21: Speaks the Designer

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How were the items in Julipet’s SS 21 collection born? What was the inspiration that led to the creation of pjs and underwear capable of mixing high-performance designers, aesthetic refinement and comfort on the skin?
Behind each collection there is a complex but stimulating creative process, born from the sensitivity, inspiration and inclinations of Fabio Raimondi, fashion designer and style and product manager of the brand.  He has the task of playing with fabrics, colours and shapes to create garments that express the tastes, needs and style of the Julipet man. A man Raimondi has clearly in mind.

Fabio, who is the man by Julipet?  

He is a man with a decidedly masculine taste who does not disdain some small eccentricities. Sober and elegant, it does not give up comfort and practicality and has a very identifying style. Under a formal or casual outfit, he wants an underwear that knows how to combine comfort and maximum wearability, while for the night, especially for the warm season, he chooses pjs either with a sophisticated design or with a more usual cut anyway proposed with variable lengths to meet his needs with practicality. For the Julipet man, wearing pyjamas means allowing himself to relax after a day that never seems to end without betraying his style. 

The latter term is often abused, but it is difficult to put into words. What if you had to define it?

Style is the ability to make even an anonymous and banal garment personal and "unique" thanks to the "way" of wearing it.

If inspiration is the premise, the starting point to create a collection that fully represents the experience of those who choose it, style is the goal, mood is instead its philosophy, the common thread that runs across it. 

To illustrate: which is the one for Julipet's spring / summer?

Modernity that has its roots in tradition. Contemporary classicism that does not disdain having an ironic, sometimes transgressive touch too. An elegant, sophisticated simplicity also expressed through the calibrated use of colourings.

A mix of elements that can also be seen in the summer collection. How?

The SS 21 collection has a strong summer imprinting declined in strongly evocative themes of the season such as, for example, the tropics and the tropical, expressed in designs and patterns such as cactus, palm trees, jungle, "Mexico" that have bright colours in the beach wear and are softer for sleepwear and underwear. However, Julipet's proposals also go in other directions, focusing on themes such as pop art, represented by representations of micro and macro fruit and vegetables for beach life and vintage objects in sleepwear. The “marine " taste is also inevitable with reference to the 90's graphics, colours and spirit.

Graphics and colours are an identity trait for each collection. If the colour palette has a focus, the appeal of the line is also higher. What nuance for SS 21 by Julipet?

The starting point is a balanced range of blue, on which seasonal and trendy colours are grafted: if for beachwear we have focused on green in various shades and on orange / coral, for the sleepwear instead, space was given to petrol, dusty turquoise and hints of light burgundy and sand. Elegance must be read in every element.

Elegance that also shines through the type of fabrics used ...

The fabrics communicate a certain idea of elegance and "richness" through the finishes that compact and polish giving a silky appearance, the innovative compositions - I am thinking for example of lyocell - and their weights. Spring / summer chooses very light ones to offer maximum freshness and full comfort.

Finally, the printed fabrics play a key role because they interpret the themes that guide the collection.

Among the range of pjs that outline the collection, which one best expresses its soul?

Undoubtedly a mercerized cotton jersey pyjama with the shorts printed with coloured fishing floats with a "tie" size and spacing and the shirt in a saturated yellow solid colour. A proposal that is capable of sublimating all the features of the Julipet world in terms of comfort, cut, attention to detail, sophisticated humour. The men who appreciate the brand and who have rewarded it have understood this well: this pjs is one of the best sellers.

So squaring the circle was successful. But how is this achieved?

 In the path that leads from the project to the product, we start with a 360 ° research in which personal passions and inclinations also play a key role: space for travel to fashion capitals such as London, Milan, Paris and Berlin to explore the proposals of department stores, second hand shops / markets, to view exhibitions, films, magazines in the sector or related areas such as home design and art, to have an overview of specialised sites, social networks and online boutiques. All the collected material contributes to the composition of a mood-board, a sort of "blackboard of inspirations" to refer to during the creation of the collections.

After the research and inspiration phase, we move on to the more operational one, which involves other partners.

Step two coincides with research, through visits to trade fairs, or with the exclusive creation by suppliers or new partners, of fabrics and accessories that will be used to build the collection according to a scheme agreed with the commercial / marketing sector. A team game that connects different areas with a single goal: to create a garment that is able to synthesize several souls.

A basic step to give "body" and "thickness" to the collection of which the fabrics are among the main interpreters. 

Certainly, precisely for this reason fabrics, as well as accessories, must have specific technical characteristics according to their use, as well as following the aesthetic component dictated by the mood-board. This is why collaboration with suppliers is essential.

Once the "grid" of fabrics has been composed, we move on to the design of the garments. How does it happen?

This phase is the result of collaboration with the modelling department that deals with giving the garment the agreed fit. It is the moment in which the first prototype can be made, this is sewn by a specialised department to verify that the fabric performs at its best and the model "fits" well. Otherwise, any changes will be made. After finding all the solutions and approving the garment, we proceed with the last step: the item is ready to be replicated and put on sale. get to Giulio's wardrobe, he’s the typical "Julipet man": 34 years old, art director, he loves the refinement of details, the refined performance of the materials and to relax after a busy day he chooses a pjs by Julipet as an ally of his relaxation.

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