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Filippo Fiora and Filippo Cirulli, Julipet addicted

Filippo Fiora and Filippo Cirulli, Julipet addicted

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A declaration of esteem and appreciation by those used to moving in the world of men's clothing and high-end accessories.

There are many points in common with Julipet: love for attention to detail and precious materials, a passion for Italian style and for a brand that was born from a distant history but that has been able to renew itself with daring and refined collections suitable for the world of today.

Here are their tips to better enjoy this particular holiday period.

"Christmas is upon us and we can only wait for it with that pinch of healthy enthusiasm that distinguishes us during the most joyful period of the year.

A Christmas perhaps a little different, which doesn't see us around between an aperitif and a greeting dinner.

This year the classic phrase: "Let's see each other before Christmas" may have been said more rarely, but this does not mean that the holiday season loses its charm or its typical magic.

It is up to us to feed it while keeping traditions alive and trying to enjoy the moment with the elegance that distinguishes us, even within the four walls of the home.

Trying to rediscover them to fully experience an intimate, comfortable and joyful dimension.

Proper clothing is essential, even when you are alone at home, recovering a domestic elegance that only beautiful loungewear can offer.

Long awakenings, a couple of coffees with a slice of panettone and reading your favorite newspapers or magazines. A scented candle and, why not, a Christmas background music that accompanies us in these long mornings.

Strictly wrapped in immaculate Julipet pajamas, whether in Egyptian cotton or - on colder days - in warm flannel, and in a dressing gown that makes the elegant night suit perfect for these lazy awakenings.

A cuddle that we give ourselves.

And that we can also give to our loved ones because the more traditional Christmas gift should not therefore be taken for granted.

Indeed, a nice suit from home is an invitation and a wish to those who receive it to devote quality time to the environment they love.

Always maintaining that informal elegance that is beautiful and right to preserve even in our most intimate and private moments. "

JULIPET Nuova collezione Autunno Inverno 19-20
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