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The new luxury: the custom made by Julipet

The new luxury: the custom made by Julipet

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“Custom made" is one of the new expressions that rages in our language. The most up-to-date dictionaries translate it as "tailor-made", but that's not enough. "Customized" is something created specifically for someone: the most striking example is tailoring, which only works to measure. But “Custom made” is something more personal than a size. For example, a car can be produced from the customer's virtual configuration, as well as shoes: even the most famous sports footwear brand does. In reality this is not really a “Custom made”, because the customer can choose between some color options, he cannot modify the structure. So what does “Custom made” mean, really? It is transforming something making it unique for that particular customer to the point that it is not only for exclusive use, but also recognizable as unique. Julipet has tried to democratize the concept of “Costum made” with a service that, a few months after its debut, has given unthinkable and satisfactory results to the point of wanting to implement it: after the personalization of the underwear, from now on, the Night line becomes custom made. Pajamas are no longer just a garment for sleeping, but the alternation of updates about the pandemic has elected this garment - once neglected - the most comfortable garment for day time at home. Habits change, market demand changes because the customer evolves and the offer of market leaders, the one that opens the way for all the others, must evolve in turn. Julipet launches personalization with initials also for nightwear. A service that requires the individual processing of each garment, of each letter: there is little industrial in embroidering a customer's initials, in the color he asks for and in the font he has chosen. Because, if once it was only the shirt that enjoyed this habit, today the embroidered initials contaminate new items in the men's wardrobe with a view that must be internalized in its positive meaning: for many of us, pajamas are the new shirts. We all want to go back to travel, to move, to hug and kiss on the street like a year ago: we might as well wait constructively by transforming the need to limit social contacts to a minimum into a feature of our time, not a condemnation. Those who worked in the office now do it from home, and if the statement required an outfit in the office, everything changes from home: the outfit no longer makes a difference. So the pajamas, the elegant one, is the new outfit and the initials are the habit to confirm that this forced break is an opportunity for adaptation that can leave us with new habits. The initials on the pajamas will not change the world, but they will improve your little new world today given by a pc, a cam, a desk. They won't make a difference, but they will give you a moment of complacency when they remind you of who you are and what you can do, even if in your pajamas at home. The custom made pajamas with your initials are the new luxury in the home edition: after all, we are Julipet and we could only be the first to do so.

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