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The new way to live nightwear

The new way to live nightwear

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Between Nightwear and Homewear, pyjamas become the interpreter of a way of life of pure well-being that makes refined style, sober elegance and character details its diktats. Underwear is its natural consequence.


If it is true that elegance is an attitude, expressed not only by the quality of the product (from the fabric to the cut, from the design to the study of details), but also by the way of interpreting it, then Julipet is its sublimation. Whether it is Underwear or Nightwear, choosing Julipet means embracing a philosophy of style that elects well-being as the interpreter of relaxation time and legitimizes the pajamas as the protagonist of a personal lifewear. 

Also the a/w 2020/21 collection aligns itself in this regard, becoming a representation of a way of "living" and "feeling" that goes beyond the product.

Because a pair of pyjamas is not just a pair of pyjamas, but a real outfit that can dress everyday life even outside the bedroom.  With classicism and measured humor.

A character collection: between fabrics of excellence and refined designs

Fabrics that combine performance and pleasantness on the skin thanks to the soft and delicate hand are the premise of a proposal for the night full of charm, which seeks comfort without forgetting the aesthetics. Mercerized cotton, lisle, pure cotton (100%) or blended cotton (modal, lycra), Lyocell, but also Jaquard Milano stitch, Interlock, wool and cashmere outline an extensive night&day range to wear not only for the night rest.

Pyjamas with cardigan jackets, crew-neck, grandad, "V" neck, half-zip or full-length, meet the taste and use requirements of the modern man who wants not only fine fabrics in contact with the skin, but also garments with a clear personality, whether they are classic or more fashion-conscious. Fashion that relies on timeless patterns - from primary "plain colour" to horizontal and vertical stripes, from checks to lozenges, from tartan-inspired checks to small tie-style designs - to discreet figures with a more friendly mood (astronaut among the stars, world, hedgehog and penguin) and a colour palette that makes simplicity its guideline.

Blue is the predominant colour, diluted in its more masculine variants (midnight blue, air force blue, cornflower blue, turquoise, light blue and denim) both in the full colour version and mixed with other colours (brown, beige, green, red). This is confirmed by two must-haves for the A/W 2020/21: the pyjamas in 100% lisle in the blue/red combination and the one with a blue base interspersed with small astronauts.

From Nightwear to Homewear, the step is short and speaks the language of the "Travel" line, in which the night dimension embraces the sporty one thanks to cotton and elastane pyjamas-suits to wear in and out of the house. On the other hand, bed jackets and robes in cashmere and wool invite to luxury idleness and make every moment dedicated to oneself even more valuable.  

Underwear: in the name of complementarity

Underwear is the natural result of Nightwear collection. The underwear recalls the shades, patterns and fabrics of nightwear without betraying comfort. Avoiding constraints and promoting well-being in wearability, thanks to the perfect adherence to the body and following its movements, briefs, boxer shorts, close-fit boxer shorts and T-shirts are like a second skin.

If cotton and cotton&elastane are the main protagonists of the line - the "day cotton" version is of particular value to make garments designed for "everyday" use - even the stretch micro modal and wool carve out a valuable niche. Crew-neck and V-neck T-shirts, half sleeve or long sleeve t-shirts and turtlenecks, exploit the innate qualities of 100% Extra Fine Merino Jersey (water-repellent, breathable, elastic and thermoregulating) to cover the body giving sensations of pure pleasure.

JULIPET Nuova collezione Autunno Inverno 19-20
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