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2020, the summer of quality

2020, the summer of quality

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Summer 2020 will be remembered as the least common of Summers from the Second World War to today. A Summer that wants to claim its desire for aggregation typical of the August’s nights but, at the same time, it cannot do it. Or at least it can't like we all want. Tourism in crisis: for many Italians the holidays were already had, according to the decrees that identified the lockdown: at home, not at the sea. Less foreigners on our beaches, but more Italian. But also less crowds, less traffic, less confusion. This will be an unusual Summer among Italians in Italy, in the name of Italianness. Us who know the difference between made in Italy and made elsewhere; us who do not want just a swimsuite, but we want one that values us; us who are not satisfied with having something more, but who are looking for something superior in comfort that one of the previous year.

This will be a Summer with fewer frills and more quality. Because we know that eating a pizza outside will be less easy than before, so we want a special one, not any one. So we Italians try to orient ourselves towards quality more than ever. Maybe we will not be able to spend a couple of weeks on a tropical beach, in one way or another we will reach the nearest beach, for less time than last year: for this reason that time must be quality time.

Here Julipet fits into this quality profile with a respectable role. The beachwear is made of microfibre, a very refined processing of the fibers in order to make them silky to the touch and very light for instant drying. The patterns used for boxers and briefs are micro-patterns inspired by the irony with the protagonists of Summers, such as fishes, shells and other subjects in a loop for a soberly fun plot: they remind a little of the seriousness of the fantasies for ties but in decontextualized key, in Summer edition. To complete the choice of total quality, the costume bag, a cloth case that offers you to always have it with you. Imagine being in a car and coming out - after tunnels and curves on the highway - in Liguria: impossible to resist the desire for a dip.

Our beach towel, a pure light cotton fouta, is designed to be your handbook before sitting or lying down: we did it before Covid-19, so now we do it absolutely always! Sit on the wet Julipet beach towel, then just leave the time for a phone call and you'll find it dry!

The same goes for T-shirts that are in jersey, that is, in cotton jersey: you can curl them up and put them inside your bag while you dive into the sea because you will find them as beautiful as before, the advantage of jersey!

If this summer everything will be different, Julipet will try to be tremendously the same as always: maximum quality, above all, indisputably.

JULIPET Nuova collezione Autunno Inverno 19-20JULIPET Nuova collezione Autunno Inverno 19-20
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