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Restarting step by step without overdoing

Restarting step by step without overdoing

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Italy restarted this week after the lockdown. We can't wait to take back our freedom and our former life, but we

need to go step by step. After more than 2 months of inactivity, the restart will not be easy because the man is endowed with a spirit of adaptation and tends to assimilate the habits acquired as consolidated. If we have been at home and we plunge headlong into the world of work with stressful hours and high workloads, we will get nothing but an additional shock that we will then have to dispose of and it will be so heavy as much as when we’ve been forced to be at home. It is necessary to remodel the habits acquired gradually until the times and rhythms of the pre lockdown are resumed.

First of all, make sure you have enough hours of sleep or, at least as many as we had in lockdown, then you need to go to sleep earlier, if the alarm clock rings earlier than the forced enclosure: wear pajamas as soon as you can so your brain will more easily enter mode relax. A body accustomed to limited mobility in the home must be restarted to face the return to work: before breakfast, stay in your pajamas, and this will be your comfort zone still full of the heat of the night, and do gentle exercises to worm up your joints. We know how much you like our underwear and this is the time to choose the one that makes you feel most comfortable from your drawer: for someone it is stretch fabric, for others it is the comfort of light cotton. If you are in the office and the atmosphere is informal, try wearing a casual jacket over a Julipet T-shirt: the sober elegance effect is guaranteed.

When you get home, immediately put yourself in the shower - not only to regenerate yourself, but also to make sure you wash away any potential traces of the exterior that, inevitably, you will have on you - and then remain barefoot for a while: if you have abandoned your elegant shoes for the comfortable ones or, even, for the slippers during the quarantine, half an hour barefoot will be worth you as a real home session of foot reflexology. The watchword for this first period of rediscovery of life outside the home will be "graduality": take your life back step by step without overdoing.


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