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 Slowing down while finding the right compromise in all things ..

Slowing down while finding the right compromise in all things ..

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Never before has it been so necessary to "slow down" trying to embrace the philosophy of "slow living" - the awareness to be firm in the present moment - with efforts, yes, but we have to react in the most practical way possible.

Living in style and with the necessary relaxation, SLOWING DOWN, always finding the right compromise in all things.

It is necessary to stay at home. It's enough to just turn on the TV to hear it repeated insistently at each advertising break. Many of us continue to work from home in smart working: how can we create the ideal working environment in our home? After solving the technical needs (a good internet connection and a PC) and the logistics (a dedicated room -for those who can - or even a desk, for those with less space) we must think about personalizing our comfort zone: being comfortable is working better.

Anyone of us will identify his perfect outfit using the wardrobe items that make him feel better: usually a suitpajamas or, more simply, boxer shorts and T-shirts.

Being comfortable with what we wear puts us in a position to reduce distractions and allows us to concentrate on what we are called to do, even in this delicate moment: to continue working. 

JULIPET is a real leader in MEN'S NIGHTWEAR but these days, pajamas become our uniform, as well as suits, and the company finds itself catapulted into MEN'S COMFORTWEAR.

The comfortwear will allow you to sit comfortably and maybe prefer the elastic waist so as not to have the constriction of buttons and zips of normal day to day pants; we choose fabrics in jersey which, unlike the other fabrics, are naturally elastic for processing, so we can assume the posture we prefer without feeling our skin pulled.
Let's feel free to range between long or short sleeves for the upper part, but above all for the lower part, a privilege that is not granted to us in the office.

If before we accompanied you only in private moments mainly with underwear, pajamas, suits and T-shirts, now we can dress your whole day, improving the quality of your new indoor life.

A word of advice: never neglect yourself. A rule that is even more valid in this period in which the temptation to let ourselves go into bigger laziness is even bigger. Wake up at your usual time and complete your beauty routine by taking care of your beard and hair; for work choose your day outfit from our proposals; in the late afternoon, close your PC and take care of your body with half an hour of exercises, then shower and make yourself comfortable for the evening; only after dinner choose your JULIPET pajamas and enjoy a passionate reading, a movie or a TV series and go to sleep at the usual time. It is important to keep the rhythms that we had before the emergency, just as we need to mark our day with stages that separate the work hours at home from our free time: we at JULIPET will be happy to accompany you on your day with all our MEN'S proposals ComfortWear.

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