Value, refinement and sustainability: the souls of the S/S 2020 Collection

Value, refinement and sustainability: the souls of the S/S 2020 Collection

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Traditional spirit but contemporary look for the brand's more summery collection that focuses on green themes with an exclusive line of pyjamas in Lyocell and on the wide-ranging garments leaving room for creativity with the capsule collection "Artist edition" and the “headphone” series inspired by the third playlist "Music for Pjs #3" available on Spotify.

Be relax:  Julipet's s/s 2020 collection makes the search for maximum comfort its guideline expressed by garments with simple elegance and a contemporary taste for designs, colours and fabrics. To give comfort and wellness, without ever forgetting elegance and refinement, the brand focuses on the quality of the materials    

" Simple elegance" is the mood of the Julipet pyjamas collection that stands out for the careful choice of prints, characterized by small size, unique colours or reinterpreted seafaring subjects, and for the balanced use of colour. The colour palette sees the many nuances of blue (from the vivid "Napoli" to the calm powder blue) combined with old rose, sage green, "Ferrari" red and ivory, soft pastel shades, expression of a relaxed, comfortable and naturally chic homewear. The traditional spirit of the brand is reflected on refined jersey with prints inspired by a renewed "neckwear", while the contemporary side of the brand shines through in garments with a wide-ranging use and basic-homewear taste (suits and t-shirts with jersey or poplin shorts for an easy approach to everyday life at home), in outfits made up of printed/fantasy trousers, plain colour knitwear, "deconstructed" plain satin and Scottish poplin dressing gowns and jackets to wear with a smart&casual approach on t-shirts and boxer shorts. There is also room for creativity with the traditional "Artist Edition" created by Nando Crippa. For the pjs and underwear lines, the artist focuses on the " seafaring" theme, choosing a stylized seagull with its characteristic guideline pattern. Creative mood also for the "headphone" series represented by stylized all-over acoustic headphones to recall the third playlist of the brand. 


JULIPET SS2020JULIPET British and Italian Underwear!

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