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All men's clothing, in the essential style of the Underwear line, in the originality of the Night collection, in the comfort of the Loungewear garments and for the summer season, in the colourful proposal of the Beachwear line.

Precious fabrics with a refined design, a distinct personality, are the characteristics of Julipet garments that are recognized for their charm, class and originality.

In our online catalogue you can indulge yourself in looking for many men's clothing. Would you like a couple of examples? The underwear, with the infinite proposals of briefs, trunks, short-sleeved shirts, tank tops and boxers. Garments to pair with each other, with colours and patterns that highlight your complexion. These are the clothes that are in contact with the skin and therefore must be chosen with great care. The fabric is fundamental, it must reflect certain characteristics: softness, wearability, it must not irritate the skin and not compress too much. Our underwear takes into account these priorities and our proposals can satisfy every single need. The careful selection of various types of cotton, with different processing and texture, determine the quality of the underwear we offer you. Jersey, makò, filodiscozia and the innovative Interlock and “doppia maglia” are among them. Have you already tried the softness of one of our garments?

The clothing of the Night collection is refined and original. Complete men's pyjamas, long or short solid-colour trousers, as to the shirt you can play instead with creativity and choose among the different patterns and shapes starting with the classic shirt with buttons and lapels, but also seraph shirts, simple shirts to combine with the lower part, or models that come closer to a sports suit, to be used also during the day. We enrich our online catalogue to also offer you the section of the very soft men's socks, an accessory that always makes the difference on any look you wear.

In men's clothing our beachwear proposals could not be missing, with the different patterns with bright colours of briefs and beach boxers to highlight your tan. But not only the Julipet towel and bag to contain it are the accessories that you can add, together with the inevitable flip flops, the symbol of summer par excellence. Choose the combinations you prefer online and pack the suitcase for your next holidays.

Don't wait any longer, order your favourite clothes, it's easy with online shopping, they will soon be delivered directly to your home and, if your purchase is over the amount of € 50, we will offer free shipping. You just have to get comfortable and start filling the cart.

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